Welcome John Kearns!

Welcome John Kearns!

Feature Fridays

Name:  John Kearns

Title: VP of Accounting

When and where you graduated from: I graduated from LSU in 2005 in Accounting and 2006 in Finance

What are your Hobbies: Golf (Don’t play much), Video Games (Don’t play at all right now), and electronics (I pretty much use every top end phone or tablet that comes out). My main hobby right now is the CPA Exam. YAY!!!!!

How are you connected to QRI?: Most of my family works here and I started working here at age 15 as a Field Technician until after I graduated college. Once I got my degree, I went to pursue other opportunities in my field but now I am back.

As VP of Accounting what are your goals for QRI?: Maintaining positive cash flow and increasing the company’s profits.

If you were an animal what would you be?:  A tiger

If you can change one thing in the world with no restriction what would it be?: World Peace or whatever answer those pageant women give.

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