5 Steps to Start an Office Recycling Program

5 Steps to Start an Office Recycling Program

On average a US office worker uses over 10,000 sheets of paper in one year! Everyone should do what they can to prevent waste in their home and office.  Below are a few steps to start recycling at your office.


  • Determine what products will be recycled and what will be considered trash. Paper and aluminum or plastics are a prime example of things the average person throws away every day.
  • Get the employees involved.  Place recycle bins in common spaces such as copy rooms, kitchens and conference rooms
  • Reduce the amount of paper used by not printing emails and other nonessential materials.  Print on both sides of the paper; go paperless, use electronic memos and reports
  • Promote participation within the office by posting flyers and reminders
  • Elect an employee to monitor the recycling efforts and be in charge of bringing the materials to the recycling center and make sure the office is taking the appropriate measures to do everything they can to reduce, reuse, and recycle.


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