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Project Details:

Location:Hawthorne and Glendale, CA

Client:ATC Associates, Inc. (ATC)

Scope of Work:Subsurface Mapping

Contract Value:$213,118

Period of Performance:
2006 – 2008

Stratigraphic Mapping of Sites Utilizing Pulser™

RELLC Site in Hawthorne, California: QRI was contracted by ATC Associates, Inc. (ATC) on behalf of Resource Environmental, LLC (RELLC) to define the stratigraphy of the intersection of South Prairie Avenue and El Segundo Boulevard in Hawthorne, California. The Area of Concern (AOC) occupied an estimated 56 acres in Los Angeles County, Hawthorne, California. Specifically, QRI defined the stratigraphy in the upper 100 feet of the AOC utilizing the Pulser™ Subsurface Survey System (Pulser™) in conjunction with existing databases. Previous lithologic studies presented chaotic bedding relationships that made it difficult to correlate from well to well. As a result, the Pulser™ technique was utilized to develop the stratigraphic framework for the site conceptual model. Additionally, the relationship between the existing lithologic and blow count databases was resolved due to the additional data provided by Pulser™. Pulser™ mapping non-intrusively delineated and refined the four stratigraphic units in the AOC that occurred from 0 to 100 feet below ground surface to facilitate the development of the sites conceptual model that will aid in the remedial program.

Pulser™ is a non-intrusive geophysical method exclusively developed by QRI for conducting subsurface stratigraphic analysis to a depth of approximately 250 feet below ground surface, with a vertical.

RELLC Site in Glendale, California: QRI was also concurrently contracted by ATC on to define the stratigraphy in the Verdugo Basin which occupies 4,400 acres. Areas of concentration include the Verdugo Wash Area (VWA) between Dunsmore, Honolulu and Pennsylvania Avenues and three ATC project sites on Foothill Boulevard. Specifically, QRI was to define the stratigraphy in the upper 250 feet of the AOC. Stratigraphic interpretations of the AOC were determined by utilizing Pulser™ signals in conjunction with the existing area database. Pulser™ requires a base log to which inflections in the received signal can be matched. Pulser™ signals were collected at 24 of the ground water wells and/or geotechnical boring locations with a total of 251subsurface data points to evaluate.

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