Fonda Lindfors New
Fonda Lindfors New is the Principal Geologist, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Quaternary Resource Investigations, LLC (QRI). She established QRI in 1986 to provide environmental investigation, regulatory compliance, drilling and emergency response/remediation services in the Gulf Coast region. Mrs. New has worn many hats within the company over the past 27 years including field technician, environmental specialist, project manager, program manager, reporter, equipment operator, financial manager, marketing manager, etc. Professionally, Mrs. New has 32 years of environmental management and technical advisor experience directing multi-task contracts for federal and private sector clients and is responsible for business development, management of business lines, and profit and loss with the company. Today, her primary focus is growing the company's Federal markets through developing teaming strategies and Win-Theme's for QRI's Federal Proposal Group.

Kenny New

Kenny New has been President of QRI since 2006. His professional background includes sales, management, marketing and field experience, which enables him to interface with clients on a variety of levels. His main focus within the company is growing the Federal market by developing and maintaining marketing strategies that increase sales and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage with the market. He has demonstrated his ability to maintain high levels of performance by managing a workplace with tight quality controls. His management style combined with his attention to detail and high quality control standards have enabled him to achieve success in each endeavor he has pursued. Mr. New is licensed as General Contractor for building, heavy and highway, street and bridge construction. As well as business law, mechanical work and residential building.

Cheryl Wells
Senior Vice President
Cheryl Wells joined QRI in February of 2002 and is the Senior Vice President. She is responsible for establishing and implementing policies, goals and objectives as well as directing and coordinating the organization's financial and budget activities to fund operations, maximize resources, and increase efficiency in the daily activities of company projects. Ms. Wells also serves as a project manager for QRI and has 12 years of experience in coordinating office and field activities for multiple environmental and remediation projects for federal clients. She coordinates the Joint Ventures between QRI and other companies to help expand QRI's experience and capabilities along with working closely with our SBA district to assure QRI's participation and compliance for set aside awards. Mrs. Wells has also served as Project Manager and Senior Project Manager on numerous federal projects.

Nina Goodrich
Vice President of

Federal Progams

Nina Goodrich serves as Vice President of Federal Programs where she manages the strategic planning and execution of Federal proposals and contracts. She also provides division oversight for QRI's geophysical and drilling divisions and supports commercial and government client retention and development. Mrs. Goodrich has 24 years of contract, accounting, business management and client support experience. She attended LSU Baton Rouge and Eastfield Community College in Dallas, where she studied Accounting and IT Management. Mrs. Goodrich joined QRI in 2005, as Manager of the Geophysical and Drilling Divisions, developing division growth and coordinating logistics, personnel, equipment and report schedules for fast-paced field projects.

Mary Williamson
Mrs. Williamson has been the Controller for QRI since 2008. Mrs. Williamson is responsible for the implementation and control of all accounting procedures to include financial statements, Federal DCAA compliance of financial and management systems/documents, cost accounting, estimating, purchasing, billing, time-keeping/labor, compensation, and earned value management. Her prior experience includes working for Solomon Hardwick CPA and Gamble Givens and Moody CPA as an assistant government auditor and bookkeeper. She has over 20 years of experience in the Accounting Field. Mrs. Williamson has four years of college credit from Liberty University and Trident Technical College in South Carolina where she studied Accounting. Mrs. Williamson is based out of our South Carolina office.

Kyla James
Vice President of


Kyla James serves as QRI's Vice President of Administration. She has been with QRI for over 10 years. She has a BA in Journalism and her responsibilities include directing all administrative functions in the Company in accordance with industry standards, as well as those of federal and regulatory agencies. Ms. James also plays an integral role in planning, development, organization, implementation, direction and evaluation of QRI's administrative functions and overall performance. She routinely ensures that QRI’s federal, state, municipal and commercial certifications are up-to-date and accurate, as well as ensuring that all QRI personnel have current and accurate documentation for their certifications, training, health records and other personal information that is vital to the organization of the Company.

Jeremy Ruiz
Geophysical Section Manager
Mr. Ruiz has been with QRI for 4 years and is our Geophysical Section Manager. His responsibilities within the company consist of the operation and data interpretation of Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and Electromagnetic systems for the purpose of utility mapping and geophysical surveys. Mr. Ruiz supports over 240 commercial clients on Geophysical projects as a Project Manager for utility locate, GPR concrete surveys, Phase II GPR and EM61 UST detection projects. He is certified by the Geophysical Survey Systems, Inc. in GPR and RADAN technologies and specializes in geophysical surveys for subsurface obstruction and utility and concrete surveys. Mr. Ruiz conducts data interpretation, drafting and AutoCAD and RADAN reporting. He is skilled in utilizing geophysical surveying techniques, including Vacuum Excavation, to ascertain the location of utilities, USTs, buried drums, concrete reinforcements & voids, contaminant plumes and map geology.

Jason New
Mr. New serves as QRI’s Driller and has been with QRI for a total of 8 years. Mr. New maintains several Geoprobe drill rigs ranging from the 7700 series through the 5400 series as well as performing assessments in the capacity of soil and water sampling, and documentation of site conditions. He is experienced in direct push drilling, vibracoring on land and water as well as all aspects of soil and water sampling for NOW/NORM and other regulatory requirements. Mr. New has performed these duties for government agencies such as USACE, GSA, EPA, and FEMA, as well as state, municipal and private sector clients. Mr. New is trained in Construction Quality Management (QCM) through the USACE and US Navy and is a certified Environmental and Safety Compliance Officer with the National Registry of Environmental Professionals.

Terri Russin
Consulting Section Manager
Ms. Russin currently serves as the Environmental Consulting Division Section Manager. She has been with QRI since May 2009 . Ms. Russin has experience in Arc-GIS and other standard computer programs, GPS data collection, and is responsible for pre-acquisition environmental audits and investigations including Environmental Site Assessments (ESA), Environmental Impact Statements (EIS), Preliminary Assessment/Site Investigations (PA/SI), Threatened and Endangered (T&E) species surveys, wetlands delineations, geotechnical sampling, and other environmental studies projects. Ms. Russin has strong organizational skills and leads technical reporting procedures to include data review, analysis and organization. Additionally, she has mapping and core logging skills developed when she served as a geologist for a mining company. She has a total of 14 years of college level academic research experience across geology, biochemistry, and plant and soil sciences, and is skilled in laboratory techniques.
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