MEES-QRI Joint Venture

MEES-QRI 8(a) JV is a tribally owned 8(a) small business joint venture between Miami Environmental & Energy Solutions, LLC (MEES) and Quaternary Resource Investigations, LLC (QRI). MEES is the SBA approved Protégé of QRI as of July 22, 2019. MEES-QRI JV performs construction, transportation, warehousing, professional, scientific & technical services, waste & remediation and health care & social assistance services. The Miami Tribe of Oklahoma has been dedicated to serving as a Federal contractor since founding its first business in 1987. As a Federally Recognized Tribal 8(a), MEES-QRI can work closely with Federal customers on both long-term solutions and urgent needs. MEES-QRI qualifies for expedited, non-protestable sole source awards when deemed appropriate and necessary.

MEES-QRI Capability Statement PDF

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