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Project Spotlight: GPR Survey at OLOL Children’s Hospital

QRI was recently contracted to perform several geophysical projects for Gallo Mechanical at the new Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The initial scope was to identify any potential conduit in the concrete slab prior to cutting the floor to repair a drain line. While there, questions were posed about the capabilities of ground penetrating radar (GPR). On our second site visit, the scope changed to an atypical application of GPR. In some areas of the building, the tiling had been accidentally placed over dozens of sewer and drain cleanouts. Gallo was tasked with addressing these issues but didn’t want to rip up large areas of tile to locate each cleanout. QRI used GPR to identify the covers for each cleanout with great success, reducing the time and material cost for resolving this issue.

Project Spotlight: GPR Survey at OLOL Children's Hospital

GPR profile of a sewer cleanout 1/4 inch below the surface