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Hurricane Safety Tips

Today marks the first day of Hurricane Season. According to forecasters from the Colorado State University Tropical Meteorology Project this season plans to be an active one with 14 named stormed predicted. Here are some tips to prepare you for what seems like a busy season for the tropics.

Tips to Prepare:
1. Keep a 'go-to' bag of emergency supplies on hand - water, batteries, candles, matches, radio, flashlight, phone, chargers, etc.
2. Create an emergency plan that includes emergency contact information and make sure everyone in the famliy has a copy.
3. Know your local evacuation plan.
4. Check your insurance coverage to make sure you have enough coverage.
5. Include your pets in your emergency and evacuation plan.

What do Hurricane Categories mean?

Hurricane Safety Tips

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Visit www.ready.gov to learn more on hurricane prepardness.