Assessment, Litigation and Remedial Action Support

Harry Bourg Corporation

Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana


QRI provided environmental assessment and litigation support services, including technical assistance oversight of field investigations and environmental operations, and expert witness services for 17,690 acres of property in the deltaic plain of coastal Louisiana in Terrebonne Parish. QRI is uniquely specialized in producing legally defensible data by managing large databases and extracting detailed project information compiled over long timespans. QRI also excels at sampling various environmental media in difficult terrains utilizing Hard-To-Access Sampling™ (HTAS) techniques. For the Harry Bourg Corporation, QRI completed 31 work order requests that required assessment at over 100 sites that could only be accessed by air boat (hard to access sampling). During this 3-year project, QRI performed site characterization to determine the nature and extent of contamination; estimated the cost of remedial activities; managed human health and ecological risk assessments; performed facility inspections; and developed designs and specifications for alternatives for remedial actions or corrective measures.

“The work that your firm and mine did in connection with this case transcends the issue of whether someone represents “plaintiffs” or “defendants.” The important thing is to make the rest of the world understand the importance of saving and restoring the wetlands which provides a significant service to the oil and gas industry, hurricane protection and as an estuary for the seafood industry.” James M. Funderburk