QRI is a company that is innovatively advancing itself to support our people and missions at home and overseas. The #1 priority at QRI is to ensure our employees have a professional life that is supportive and encouraging of their needs at home. We believe strong and healthy families are the infrastructure to a thriving society, and QRI honors that belief.

For many years, QRI has supported the Kudvumisa Foundation, a non-profit that is dedicated to providing quality, compassionate health care and empowering the disenfranchised to escape the grip of crushing poverty in the impoverished, marginalized, and isolated communities of Swaziland, Africa. In the wake of natural disasters at home in the US, QRI and our employees have always stepped up to provide shelter, supplies and manpower to those in need.

At QRI, we strive to have open and honest communication that fosters real relationships with each and every employee, partner and client.

Innovatively Advancing QRI to Support People and Missions