Federal Services

QRI’s Federal portfolio is represented by 118 Federal contracts with 578 Task Orders since 2007 for the: General Services Administration, US Army Corps of Engineers in 13 Districts (Fort Worth, Galveston, Jacksonville, Memphis, New England, New Orleans, New York, Savannah, Seattle, Tulsa, Vicksburg, Mobile, Rock Island), US Coast Guard, US Air Force, the US Army National Guard, US Geological Survey, US Navy, the National Park Service and FEMA. The top Federal client in this Section is the USACE. From 2013 to present, 42% of QRI’s total revenues were performed in this Section resulting in $1.2 billion in contract value ($20.4 million in actual obligated value). 

Environmental   Remediation Services

Ensuring Safe Work Environments, Healthy Communities and Reestablishing Normality After Disasters

Environmental Consulting Services

Government and Industry in Harmony with the Environment


Geotechnical Drilling

Environmental, Geotechnical, and Relief Well Drilling


Subsurface Detection that Prevents Time Loss and Saves Lives


  Sustainment, Restoration and Modernization


Support Services

  Site Reconnaissance Data