What is HTAS™?

HTAS™(Hard To Access Sampling) is a cost and time efficient technology developed by QRI for collection of continuous cores in hard to access areas, such as impoundments, pits, marshes, swamps, and inaccessible locations at plants. QRI uses lightweight equipment which can be easily removed with minimal environmental impact from road construction, drilling fluids, etc. 

HTAS™ capabilities exceeds the capabilities of standard coring technologies because of its ability to retain highly fluid sludge’s and it’s mobility in hard to access areas.

Continuous cores allow for accurate descriptions of site stratigraphy such as material depths, soil textures, stratigraphy contacts, etc. The continuous cores make it possible to calculate accurate volume estimates of contaminated materials, pit liquids, and contaminated soil. Samples collected can be used for a variety of studies including chemical analysis, geologic interpretation, volume estimates, remediation studies, and geotechnical testing.


Whether a traditional or a non-traditional site location, QRI’s team of experts have the answer to your sampling needs.