Environmental Remediation Services

Ensuring Safe Work Environments, Healthy Communities and Reestablishing Normality After Disasters

QRI’s number one priority within our ERS Section is to ensure people are free from life threatening environmental concerns within their communities, at government-owned properties and on DoD installations. We specialize in key remedial efforts that ensure public health and safety.

Additionally, man-made and natural disasters can inflict unprecedented devastation on communities. The weight of this devastation is felt not only on a local and personal level, but also on a national level. Such widespread devastation demands the expertise and resources of Federal, state and municipal governments, as well as private-sector contractors and labor forces. QRI knows how to navigate a post-disaster environment and has excelled at providing real resources and solutions that address the needs of devastated communities.

QRI’s GSA 899 Schedule allows for Disaster Recovery Purchasing. Federal, state and local governments can use QRI’s GSA contract for procurement before and after declared disasters. QRI’s GSA Schedule also allows Federal clients access to most services offered within our ERS Section.*

The top Federal client in this Section is the USACE. From 2013 to present, 42% of QRI’s total revenues were performed in this Section resulting in $1.2 billion in contract value ($20.4 million in actual obligated value).



  • Asbestos, Lead & Mold Remediation
  • Compliance Monitoring of Remediation Systems
  • Disaster Debris Removal
  • Disaster Monitoring
  • Emergency Spill Response
  • Hard-To-Access Sampling™
  • Monitoring / Piezometers / Recovery Wells
  • Pump & Treat Systems
  • Quality Assurance & Control
  • Remedial Design Support
  • Remedial Investigations & Field Studies
  • Response Actions, Removals & Operations & Maintenance
  • Soil / Groundwater Remediation
  • Tank Battery Remediation
  • Uniform Federal Policy for Quality Assurance Project Plans (UFP-QAPP)

*Note: Radioactive waste and asbestos removal are not allowable under this contract as set forth in FAR Part 36. Disposal services performed under this contract must be ancillary to remediation services performed.