Environmental Education Week – Energy Efficiency in Your Home

Environmental Education Week – Energy Efficiency in Your Home

Today we are kicking off Environmental Education Week! QRI will be featuring blog topics all week on how to be environmentally conscious and efficient.  If you are an educator, you may visit www.eeweek.org  for classroom topics and ideas.

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With spring here and summer quickly approaching it is time to get ahead of the game with making sure your home is energy efficient. These simple tips can help keep your home cooler while saving money and preserving the earth’s energy resources.

  • Seal any leaks that are causing the cold/hot air to escape or enter your home in the summer and winter months. These leaks are often in the doors, windows, basements and attics and can be sealed with caulk and weather stripping.
  • Insulating the attics, walls and under the floor will also allow the cool air in the summer and the warm air in the winter stay constant.  The more insulated the house the less the unit has to run to keep the home at a comfortable temperature.
  • Change the air filters in your home often, clogged and dirty filters prevent proper air flow causing the A/C or heating unit to worker harder to heat and cool the house.
  • Install a programmable thermostat.  Adjusting the thermostat to only run during the hours that you are home will save you hundreds of dollars a year.  Also raising the temperature one degree can save up to 7-10% on cooling costs.
  • Add ceiling fans and portable fans to help circulate the air and cut down on air conditioner use.
  • Unplug any small appliances and electronics when they are not in use.  Even in the off position the electronics are pulling unnecessary power
  • Replace Incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs.  They use much less energy and last 10 times as long as traditional bulbs.   Adding a dimmer will also reduce energy usage and extend the life of the bulb.

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