MEES-QRI 8A JV recently constructed and installed 440 gabions filled with 1000 tons of limestone along the West Cove of Calcasieu Lake near Cameron, Louisiana for the Nature Conservancy of Louisiana. This important project not only adds an additional ½ mile of shoreline protection for the Sabine National Wildlife Refuge and Louisiana Highway 27, it also provides substrate for oyster recruitment while sustaining and increasing biomass in the surrounding estuary.

The Phase 1 reef is the home to live oysters, crabs, shrimp, baitfish and redfish and speckled trout! This new section of living reef has the potential to support nearly a half million adult oysters, each capable of filtering 50 gallons of lake water per day. That equates to 25 million gallons a day or 9 billion gallons per year!

 “The project is a win-win on many levels” according to Project Manager Scott Avanzino..” the original one mile section I helped build in 2017 for TNC has not only proven effective in supporting a healthy oyster population it has also staved off erosion while also resulting in sediment accretion and it’s a great fishing spot to boot”!

QRI and its Joint Venture partners recognize the importance of coastal restoration projects of this type and are committed to providing value and quality for our clients offering know-how and unique approaches for complex projects. QRI and it’s JV partner Wiipicia, will be building a massive oyster reef in Galveston Bay in 2022.