Big Sunflower River Sediment Reduction Structures Phase IX, Big Sunflower River Basin, Washington and Bolivar Counties, MS

The work consists of furnishing all plant, labor, materials and equipment, Principal features of the work include clearing and grubbing, excavation, fill, backfill, embankment, miscellaneous items, control of water, engineering fabric, stone protection, corrugated metal pipe, erosion control, lime treatment, welding, concrete work, storm water pollution prevention and environmental protection.

Quaternary Resource Investigations, L.L.C. (QRI) performed the excavation and construction of eight (8) riser pipe grade control structures in Washington, Bolivar and Sunflower Counties in Mississippi.   Work for this project encompassed clearing and grubbing of approximately 40 acres, that included the excavation of 23,000 CY of dirt for this project.  Silt fencing was installed at eight of the riser locations to prevent storm water run off in accordance with the SWPP and fabric was installed for erosion control.

The installation of stone protection consisted of 3,200 tons of rip rap, which was installed and grouted.

Once complete, Lime was applied along 40 acres to aid in turf reestablishment.


  • 40 acres of clearing and grubbing
  • SWPP silt fence installation for 8 riser locations
  • 23,000 cubic yards of excavation
  • 200 cubic yards of pervious fill
  • 3,200 tons of Rip Rap/grout installation
  • Installation of erosion control fabric for 8 sites 
  • 40 acres Lime and Turf Establishment