How QRI Fights Covid-19 With You

QRI continues to innovatively service our active federal contracts by
observing appropiate Covid-19 protocols with USACE MVD, USACE NWD,
USACE New Orleans, USACE Vicksburg, USACE Fort Worth, USACE Tulsa,
USACE Savannah, USACE Jacksonville, USACE New England, Arnold Air Force
Base, Tinker Air Force Base, GSA FAS and GSA Region 7 PBS. In addition QRI will
continue to service our industrial clients as allowed in the states of NM, TX


Alternate Care Facility Conversion

QRI and our joint venture partners have combined our resources to participate
in the current federal efforts to convert existing facilities such as hotels,
convention centers, and municipal arenas into Alternate Care Facilities(ACF) and
Non-Acute Covid-19 Patient Care Facilities.

Modular Facilities

QRI serves Federal clients in construction, O&M, design/build,engineering
and modular building construction and leasing. Our infrastructure and assets
support a variety of building applications including administrative offices,
catering and food services, labs, medical offices, training centers, housing
and classrooms.


QRI and our teaming partners have the necessary training, equipment
and resources to respond to requests for decontamination services
throughout the United States. Our years of experience in disaster and
emergency response makes us uniquely suited to rapidly respond and
provide remediation services to meet government, industry and commercial
needs. QRI currently offers three methods of decontamination response:
1. Fogging: A CDC approved Antibacterial and Antiviral Fog shall be sprayed
to disinfect the area.

 2. High Touch Cleanup: Cleanup of high touch surfaces is required for a
situation involving a person who is suspected to have COVID-19 or a
Person Under Investigation (PUI); which is someone who is involved in a
quarantine situation or has come in contact with someone who has been
in a quarantine situation, or has come in contact with someone testing
positive. This includes cleaning and disinfecting of high touch nonporous
surfaces and cleaning and sanitizing of high touch porous surfaces.

 3. Enhanced Cleanup: Enhanced cleanup is required for an area in which a
person who has been confirmed positive for COVID-19 has inhabited. This
includes cleaning and disinfecting of all nonporous surfaces and cleaning
and sanitizing of all porous surfaces. This enhanced cleaning includes
walls up to 8 feet but excludes ceilings.