Site Restoration of the former White Elementary School, Ft. Benning, GA

 A site inspection was conducted on 27 August 2020 by Jack Hovey representing the Ft. Benning Stormwater Program and Bob Keyser representing QRI.  During this site inspection, eight areas were identified as requiring additional restoration, to include removal of asphalt and concrete remnants, soil preparation and sodding of roughly 1.25 acres of the site.  Each of the eight areas was flagged with pink flags and then outlined with white marker paint to delineate where sod was to be planted.  Attachment 1 is a site map reflecting the location of each of the eight areas, along with a schematic of each of the eight areas.

 The QRI team mobilized to the site on 13 September and began work on 14 Sep.  The morning of 14 Sep was devoted to site preparation, including tilling each area to be sodded and removing asphalt and concrete remnants that remained on site.  Approximately 3 tons of concrete and asphalt was collected and deposited in a roll-off dumpster that was provided by WT Miller, the original demolition subcontractor.  Photo number 1 shows the collected asphalt and concrete.  Eight yards of topsoil was purchased and delivered to the site to enrich the areas where the soil was predominantly clay.  After spreading, each area was tilled utilizing a tiller mounted on a skid steer loader.

Bermuda sod was procured from Frog Pond Sod Farm in Opelika, AL by tractor trailer load.  Each load was 18 pallets, with each pallet holding 500 sf of sod.  Two truck loads were delivered on the afternoon of 14 September, and three truck loads were delivered on 15 September.  All sod was laid by the morning of 16 September.  Beginning on the afternoon of 15 September, QRI personnel watered all the newly laid sod on a daily basis utilizing a hydrant connection provided by the City of Columbus Water Works’ Norm Davis.  Watering was completed on 2 October 2020 as directed.  A walk-through inspection with Sara Forrest and Jack Hovey representing Ft. Benning was conducted on the morning of 2 October.  Sod was pull-tested to ensure the roots had taken and that the sod was growing.  None of the sod tested was loose or able to be pulled up.  Following the walk-through inspection, QRI personnel demobilized from the site.  Following are before, during and after photographs of the sodded areas.  In addition to the sod, drop inlets near the southern-most entrance to the site and adjacent to where the former building 1048 stood were cleared of obstructions.


Written by: Bob Keyser