Decade 2 (1996 – 2005) begins by the foundation of the Remediation Section in 1996 due to QRI’s overseeing the closure of over 1,000 oilfield sludge impoundments for the oil industry. The Emergency Response Section was founded in 2000 and the Geophysical Section was founded in 2003 to continue supporting the ESS work that QRI was performing for industry. In 1996, QRI began performing ESS in the Florida Panhandle for Gulf Power to solve various groundwater legal issues. By Decade 2 (1996 – 2005), much of the impoundment and ESS work was being performed for industry lawyers due to a surge in lawsuits against industry. The Federal Government had a major policy change in 1999 regarding eligible 8(a) applicants. QRI applied for 8(a) status, which was received on 01/13/04.