QRI added our Construction Section in 2009 because the ARRA funded many shovel ready construction projects. By this time, QRI had learned to sustain during natural disasters and economic downturns. Therefore, when Hurricanes Ike ($30B) and Gustav ($7B) blew into our region in 2008, QRI continued to refine the art of competing and winning recovery work by developing a “Natural Disaster Recovery Strategy” (NDRS) . The floods of 2011 throughout the Mississippi River Valley also led to several Federal contracts for recovery work. Then in 2012, Hurricane Sandy ($70B) devastated the New Jersey and New York area and all contractors, such as QRI, who held Federal emergency response and debris contracts were preferred for recovery efforts. Though, Hurricane Sandy did not impede QRI to the point of elimination of work in our region, Hurricane Sandy did impact the development of a key JV Strategy with Louis Berger. Additional significant events that occurred in Decade 3 was that Entergy became a repeat client performing Geophysical Section services; Resource Environmental, LLC (RELLC) became an ESS client in 2008; QRI was named the Small Business (SB) Contractor of the Year for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) in the Memphis District; and our CEO, Fonda Lindfors New was named the SB Person of the Year in 2013 by the Small Business Administration (SBA).